Farmer’s Market Vendor Information

Central Park Farmers Market

Founders Green at Central Park
Sundays, June 25 – October 8, 2023
8:30am – 12:30pm

Highland Square Farmers Market

32nd Ave and Lowell Blvd
Sundays, May 21 – October 15, 2023
9am – 1pm

South Pearl Street Farmers Market

1400 – 1500 blocks of South Pearl Street (between Iowa and Arkansas)
Sundays, May 7 – November 12, 2023
9am – 1pm

Union Station Farmers Market

Union Station – Wynkoop St at 17th St
Saturdays, June 3 – September 16, 2023
9am – 1pm

Become a Vendor

2023 vendor spots for our markets are full.

You may apply to be a drop-in vendor, or be added to our waitlist. We will reach out if we have a spot become available.

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Market Information

Drop-In Versus Full Season

Drop In
If you select “Drop In” on your vendor application you will be put on our list of vendors willing to fill an open space on an as needed basis.

Process: You may email dates you are available to attend a Market at any time. The market manager will reach out letting you know if that (those) dates work. The week prior to any market openings the market manager will reach out letting you know of availability for you to attend. You may accept or decline this offer. You will be asked to pay the drop-in fee (fee varies for markets) – this must be paid prior to your attending. At the end of your market day you will be required to pay 10% of your daily gross sales via Venmo.

Full Season
If you select “Full Season” you are signing up and agreeing to participate in the entire season of the market. Attendance consistency is critical in attracting buying customers to the market. It is important that vendors make a commitment to attend the market at least 90% of their season or more.

Supporting Documents You Will Need

Supporting Documents must be emailed to Jarman and Co Events prior to opening day.

The following documents are required (not all documents apply to all vendor types, check with the Denver Permitting department if you have any questions):

  • State Sales Tax License
  • City of Denver Sales Tax License. Denver tax rate is 4.81%
  • Temporary Retail Food License (if needed)
  • Fire Permit (if needed)
  • Liability Insurance
  • Certificates of Insurance insuring Jarman and Co Events
  • Certificates of Insurance additionally insuring: SPS Merchant Association (South Pearl Street Market Only)

General liability insurance is required. Please name the market(s) and Jarman and Co Events you as additionally insured. Jarman and Co Events and the respective markets are not responsible for any loss or damage incurred or caused by vendors.

If the market incurs a fine of any kind for a vendor’s non-compliance, Jarman and Co Events will pass along that fine to the vendor and vendor may incur an additional minimum fee of $1000 – $25,000, depending on incurred legal / licensing fees.

Vendor Qualifications

The Farmers Market is focused on providing fresh, local food and food related products. We strive to support the communities and surrounding businesses, by having vendors that complement their businesses, but do not compete.

The following items do not match the mission of our farmers markets and will not be accepted:

  • Hand crafted items and jewelry outside of businesses on the street
  • Overly processed foods
  • Nationally distributed packaged foods
  • Businesses that operate under a franchise agreement
  • Food items not grown and/or processed by the vendor (there are a few exceptions to this)

Farmers, growers, ranchers and fishers may be asked to go through a phone interview or site visit before final acceptance.

The following list is a sampling of accepted items into the market:

  • farm products
  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • berries
  • herb
  • flowers
  • plants
  • honey
  • seafood
  • meat
  • poultry
  • eggs
  • dairy products
  • ready to eat foods
  • beverages
  • wine
  • spirits
  • baked goods
  • preserves
  • cheese
  • sausage

Vendor Selection

The Market Manager and the individual market committees select vendors annually and have the unconditional and final decision making authority to accept or deny acceptance to the Farmers Market. Selection is based on product quality, sourcing, growing practices, presentation, seniority, safety, compliance, and grandfathered vendors, customer service and the right product mix to ensure a successful market for everyone. No vendor will have guaranteed return rights to the Market from season to season or from Market to Market. The Market generally does not offer exclusive rights to vendors to sell any one product. Market customers generally benefit from having a choice. However, if the Market Manager believes the number of vendors offering the same or similar products is excessive, duplicate products may be denied entry.

When filling out the application, please give examples of where you source (or plan to source) your ingredients, listing the names of farms or other local-direct sources where possible.

After entry deadlines, new applications will be reviewed on a monthly basis.


I’m interested in being a vendor at one of your Markets. What is the process?

All market applications must be filled out online.

If I have a 10×10 tent but need room on the sides of my booth for patrons to shop, am I considered oversized?

Yes, you are. If it is a necessity to your selling, you will be considered an oversized booth.

I want to apply to be a vendor at your market, but the deadline has passed, can I still apply? Do you have space available?

We accept Farmer Market applications year-round. We look at applications on a monthly basis and accept new vendors based on space availability and need.

How do you choose your Farmers Market vendors?

The selection process takes into consideration many factors including:

  • local producer/grower
  • food/agriculture or kitchen oriented product
  • product quality
  • sourcing
  • growing practices
  • presentation
  • number of consecutive years at the market/number of absences last season
  • compliance
  • customer service
  • the right product mix to ensure a successful market for everyone.
  • past participation/attendance

I do not sell a product. Can I set up a booth at your market?

The focus of this market is on food and food-related items. Informational vendors are not accepted into the market.

Can I come to your markets and pass out flyers to promote my new business/non-profit organization/charity event?

We wish to provide market customers with a relaxing and enjoyable experience where they can stroll through the market and interact with the market vendors. NO solicitors or distribution/marketing of non-approved products are allowed at our markets. This includes signature gathering for petitions and voter sign-up.

I’ve seen booths set up at your markets for items that are not on your vendor list or you’ve said you don’t allow in the market. Can you explain?

In order to support the community, the merchants on the street and the Merchant/Neighborhood Associations, we allow brick and mortar stores on the market streets to set up booths and sell their goods at the market.

Do you close your markets during inclement weather?

Markets are open rain, snow or shine and all holidays. We will only cancel during EXTREME weather conditions. We ask that you check your email for weather updates.

I do not have any photos of my booth to upload for the application, what should I do?

Take some nice photos of your product(s).